Friday, January 24, 2020


My flight to London departs next week, a flight I have been eagerly anticipating for a year now! It’s hard to put into words how excited I am to be going back home and to be reunited with my family and friends. But that does not mean I haven’t enjoyed my time in China or that I won’t miss it when I leave. 

Chinese New Year light display from local park

I will miss China A LOT! I have mentioned this before in previous “teaching” blog posts, but I am very sad I will never be a teacher in China again. I miss how welcoming my students were to me and it’s upsetting I will never be able to experience this again once I leave. I hope in the next two to three years I can visit Chengdu and surprise all of my students.

Probably one of the things I will miss the most when I say goodbye to China is the convenience that came with being here in terms of travelling. I know I haven’t done crazy amounts of travelling while I have been here, but I am so impressed with how easy and cheap it was to go almost anywhere in Asia from Chengdu. I was able to see most of Chengdu (the city I live in) as well as Sichuan (the province Chengdu is located in). I saw places like Deyang, Ziyang, Leshan, Meishan, Mount Qingcheng, Luodai, and more recently Dagu, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong (just to name a few places I have visited in Sichuan). My travels around China also took me to Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Shenzhen, all amazing cities unique in their own way. And of course, I made an effort to travel internationally, visiting, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan (and England, twice)! So, I have caught the travel bug, and it has inspired me to try my best to visit a different country every month this year! 

I have made some wonderful friends from all over the world while I have lived here. Friends from South Africa, Bangladesh, America, Russia, Australia and Japan (just to name a few), who have been so welcoming and lovely, making me feel at home. Some of them even extending invitations to their home countries, and I hope to be taking them up on those offers in the coming years. I will miss these friends dearly! 

Soon after my arrival home, I’m pretty sure I will start missing the food (although right now, English food is all I can think about)! I’m proud of myself for being more adventurous with the food I have eaten in China, and I’m excited to try out some new cuisines when I get home. 

I’ll miss small things, like how cheap EVERYTHING is! Not really looking forward to the London prices when I get home. I’ll also miss being able to unlock and use the bikes to go pretty much everywhere I want and only pay pennies to do this. 

But……. I have been missing home and all my loved ones a lot more! London is my favourite city and I am finding it hard to contain my excitement at the thought of returning to it. I will come back to China to visit (not to live or work) but I don’t know when or for how long. For now though, I am looking forward to the idea of doing some travelling around Europe this year with my family and friends. 

8 days until I am home!!! 

B x 


  1. Sure everyone here will be so pleased to have you back. Stay well. X

    1. So excited for my return home! Looking forward to seeing my family and boyfriend at the airport x


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