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On the 23rd of January last year, I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to get out of my year abroad, and I’m happy to say, I finished everything on that list! If anyone would like to read that post, the link is here. Thought it would be cute to write a part two of that post, going through the list and sharing what I was able to achieve, enjoy!

See the pandas! 
I was actually able to see them twice. It was a lovely experience, as well as an informative one, seeing such beautiful mammals that I had never seen before. The work the panda base does is incredible, and they have protected the species from extinction. A privilege to see.  

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Travel to other cities alone.
I overachieved here, travelling not to one but four cities alone, two of which in different countries; Denpasar (in Bali), Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo (in Japan). Out of everything on my bucket list, I thought this would be the only thing I would not be able to do. I always tend to rely on others when planning a trip and sightseeing on that trip, but by doing it myself, I managed to see everything I wanted to at a leisurely pace and fight my crippling travel anxiety in the process (which I am well and truly over now, especially after having been on countless trips and having taken about 30 flights in the last 11 months)! 





Try food I would not normally eat.
My oh my, I have certainly done this! And I have loved it! The Sichuan cuisine is not like any other cuisine I have tried before and it took a bit of getting used to. I am now no longer that fussy eater I was 12 months ago, I am open to trying any and all cuisines. 

In all honesty, I don't know what this is, but it tasted amazing!

Walk along some of the Great Wall of China!
It was hard but I did it! In November I went to Beijing and made this a priority. It really is as breath-taking as they say. It’s impossibly large and takes a lot of energy to climb just the smallest amount of it, especially in winter. So happy I did this! 

Me on the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China

Get a tattoo.
How about two? Finally decided on two tattoos to get, one while I was in China, and one in Thailand. I love them both, I think they are so pretty and cute, luckily, I don’t have any regrets about getting them! (And for anyone asking about the second one, it’s the word for elephant in Thai with a trunk added to the front of it)!

My boat tattoo 

My elephant tattoo

Say yes more!!! 
100% did this! And I have found that doing this more, makes for more spontaneous decisions and adventure! Because of doing this, I went on all the trips that I did and even did things like ride through the mountains on the back of a motorbike at 140kmh, something the old Bobbi would have refused to do!

Terrifying but fun!

Travel to other places!
All over China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan – so yes, I travelled to a lot of places! And I had an AMAZING time wherever I went, whether that was with friends or alone. I am excited for more travelling this year (hopefully to a new country every month), I can’t wait to see where my passport will take me next.

Huanglong, China 

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Seminyak, Bali

Chiangmai, Thailand 

Tokyo, Japan

Practice my Chinese.
I have definitely improved my spoken Chinese and have been making an effort learning new vocabulary with apps on my phone. My Chinese is nowhere near perfect, but it’s a whole lot better than it was when I arrived in China last February.  

Practicing some vocal

Fall in love with teaching!
After 10 months of teaching in China, I certainly did love it. My students were lovely, and I miss them so much! But I have a book full of sweet messages from all of them that I can look at when I’m feeling nostalgic. 

One of my lovely grade 4 classes 

Fight my anxiety!!!
After one year in China I find it so hard to believe that my anxiety was nowhere to be found. Obviously, I had normal nerves, like the ones that come with starting a new job or travelling to a new place. For the first time in the last 8 years, I am struggling to remember what it even feels like to have anxiety! So bloody proud of myself!

Yay to no anxiety in China! x 

So, I did everything I came to do and a whole lot more. I feel so much pride looking at this list and being able to say that I did a year away from home, in a strange new place, but I was still able to do everything I wanted to, which is pretty amazing. 

Thank you to everyone who followed my journey around China and Asia. I hope my words have been entertaining and I hope maybe, I have inspired someone to take a leap and move somewhere new or try something different.

Love you all, 

B x 

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