Saturday, May 18, 2019


Seeing as it is coming to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week (and my blog is first and foremost a mental health blog), I thought it would be fitting to write a post. I haven’t updated how my mental health has been in over two months now, so the timing of this is just right!

Worrying used to be like breathing for me. I used to give my anxiety so much control over what I did, to the point where it dictated everything in my life. My anxious thoughts would start as tiny voices in my head that would become deafening. I quickly came to realise that giving those voices power, meant that they controlled how I acted in public and how I felt in private. As I have mentioned many times before, my anxiety ruined so many wonderful memories of mine. I would always leave parties early if I was afraid of a panic attack coming. My mental health even made the simplest of tasks seem monumentally challenging. Eating food, concentrating on work, sleeping and even sitting still were all made impossible because of the effects of my anxiety and panic attacks. It was exhausting and sometimes dangerous.  

And so, through the help of those around me, I began to pay less and less attention to my worrying and anxious thoughts. A simple, effective yet very difficult technique to grasp has led to me avoiding panic attacks for over 2 years now. An accomplishment I am very proud of! 

Over the last several weeks, I have not had much of a problem with my mental health. It has spiked a couple of times but has not reached uncontrollable levels. Some of my episodes of increased anxiety have come about simply because I have been feeling rather homesick. Luckily, I had to fly to London to pick up my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, and so, I have been making the most of my time here and have spent quality time with my family and boyfriend.  

I made this post short as I have discussed my mental health many times. If anyone would like to read previous posts of mine about my anxiety, they are located in the “Mental Health” space in the “Categories” drop down menu. 

I hope that whoever comes across this post who may be suffering because of their mental health, that they find solace in reading the posts on this blog and know that they are never alone. There is always someone to talk to.

B x  


  1. Glad you have been able to come home for a love top up! X

    1. Being in the U.K. for two weeks was wonderful! Excited to be back soon! x

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    1. Of course, I would be more than happy to do this for you! Mental health doesn't affect me as much nowadays, but I have a few posts coming up soon about this, so watch out for them.

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