Friday, October 1, 2021


Hello all! I hope you’re doing very well! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?! Let me first apologise for being so quiet on here. In between covid lockdowns, starting (and finishing) a new job, and going back to university, I seem to have neglected this space completely. A new post is long overdue and what better topic to post about than how my Primary PGCE at UCL is going! 


After finishing my teacher assistant job in July (and enjoying a long and beautiful 6-week summer break!), it’s been amazing to get stuck into something so immersive, especially after not being able to do any work or studying for most of 2020. After only about 4 weeks on my course, I am enjoying every minute of it (even those last minute uni readings on the Central Line)! I didn’t really know what to expect going into my course at UCL. Following my interview last December, I’d heard that it would be hard work and at times very challenging, but so far, I am over the moon with the decision I made to study here. 


As a primary school teacher in the U.K., I will be expected to teach all subjects on the primary curriculum. And there are A LOT of subjects…! As such, sessions at uni so far have been very varied, but fun, nonetheless. We’ve touched on pretty much everything so far: from Art and DT to Science and Music, to English and Maths (and more). We share a very flexible timetable, so every week on campus is completely different! My course mates and I have even had the opportunity to go into schools and will be starting our first proper placements in just over a week. I for one am super excited to be in a classroom and put what I have learnt so far into practice, as nerve-wracking as that may be at the moment!


It’s also been such a relief having most of our classes in person on campus. It’s been wonderful getting to know all the delightful people on my course who share the same passion for teaching as I do! As term has gone on, the course is getting progressively challenging, but it’s nice to know that myself and my course mates are all in the same boat and are helping each other out a lot. Our subject tutors are incredibly passionate about their chosen fields, and that comes across in a lot of our sessions with them. We’ve had the opportunity to do some field work, art as well as composing (although that’s probably quite a strong word for it!) in music. I genuinely come onto campus every week excited about the new things I will learn. There are some pictures below from some of my classes so you can see what we have been up to. 

Art session 

Our DT session (Pictured: Melissa, Jade, Anna and moi!)

First day in a Primary School!

Music session

Science session

Computing session 

My plan with this space is to update it fairly regularly with how my PGCE is going. I think it will be fun to write and informative for those who are potentially thinking of embarking on teacher training soon. 


As always, feel free to drop a comment below if you would like me to write about something in particular!


Hope everyone’s 2021 is going well! 


B x 


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