Thursday, January 2, 2020


Seeing as I have finished teaching in China but still have 4 weeks left here, I have decided to go on as many last minute trips as I can, so a few days ago, myself and my friend Sadaf went to Dagu Glacier (达古冰川) for the new year, the first of four trips I am taking before going home. 

This trip was unlike any trip I have ever been on. The province I live in (Sichuan) is surrounded by mountains, national parks and natural wonders. So, we took a 6-hour coach ride through the mountainous landscape to the ice-capped mountains in the north of Sichuan. To say that I saw the most beautiful landscapes is an understatement; what we saw was honestly breath-taking; the photos I took simply do not do it justice!

It was a two-day trip, the first day making a few stops through mountains and valleys, seeing the small villages in the Dagu region. The villages are very small and have very distinct houses. The locals wear traditional clothes and speak Tibetan. We also saw some of the local wildlife, Tibetan Macaques in their hundreds! Beautiful but pesky animals, we were advised to keep our distance from them, but I was able to get a couple of photos. 

A lake in one of the villages  

 Some Tibetan inscriptions 

 Some kind of religious shrine in the village  

 Inscription on a rock  

 One of the locals   

 Frozen lake   

 Yours truly x 

A Tibetan Macaque  

The second day was just for the glacier. This glacier is 4860 metres high (just over 3 miles up), with temperatures at the top getting as low as -12 degrees! Because it is so high up, the air is very thin and there is a risk of getting altitude sickness, so our tour guide provided us with bottles of oxygen to prevent this from happening. While we were there, we were able to see the glacier and the stunning surroundings; mountains in every direction for miles and miles. We went on a beautiful day, freezing but so clear, not a cloud in the sky which made for some stunning views and amazing photos, like the ones below.  

 View from the top of the glacier   

 Dagu Glacier in the background

 Dagu glacier and a frozen lake covered in snow in the foreground   

 Cable car   

 The glacier   

 The glacier   

4860m at the summit  

Dagu glacier is also home to the highest café in the world, where we were able to have a hot drink and some food while gazing at the paradise around us. Because it was a tour group that took us, we were able to go on this trip for the amazing price of 500 RMB (£54). Included in this was the bus there and back, hotel for one night, meals, the entrance fee to the glacier and the cable car up to the top; a very good deal! 

As well as enjoying the scenery, the company was delightful too! It has been so wonderful to make such a great friend while I have been living in China, so thank you Sadaf!

Even though this was a small trip, it was a trip of a lifetime and one I’ll never forget! It was the perfect end to the year and start of a new decade, on top of the world and ready for more adventures to come! 

B x 


  1. This place looks incredible! I hope I get to go one day... amazing pics!



    1. I really hope other people get to visit this place, it truly is magical and by far the most beautiful place I have ever visited!


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