Sunday, November 10, 2019


It’s been a while since I have posted something like this. Well, it’s been a while since I have posted anything really! Over the last few weeks, the blocks on social media sites have been increasing and decreasing very sporadically, making uploading blog posts next to impossible. But I am back… for now!

I have now been living in China for 9 months. I am in disbelief about how quickly the last 9 months have gone by for me. In all honesty, even though this should be incredibly easy for me right now, I am finding it harder than ever. It’s really hard to be away from home at this time of year, I am missing so many celebrations and birthdays. I couldn’t celebrate Halloween at all because not many people know what it is! And of course, my favourite festival, Christmas, is something I am dreading somewhat as I have no idea what I am doing for it yet! I find myself constantly counting down the days until I can return home, which right now is a relatively small number. I was able to book my flight home a couple of weeks ago which has improved my mood a lot. I am just generally really missing home and looking forward to that homeward bound journey.

That being said, I am still enjoying teaching and it is a lot easier for me this semester. When I first started teaching in China, my methods and lesson planning were a bit all over the place as I was just trying to find my feet with it. But now, with a semester of experience and using my summer vacation to review and change my teaching techniques, I am finding teaching a lot easier and more enjoyable too. Even though it is easier, the hours are still very long, and I have taken on a couple more teaching jobs on the side to earn more money. So, it is proving a little challenging too!

With most of January next year being the celebration for the Chinese New Year, I only really have about 6 weeks left of teaching! I am a bit nervous to remind all of my students that I will be leaving soon as most of them have forgotten and some of my new students don’t know I am only a temporary teacher. I just hope they won’t be too upset!

Unlike last semester, there are no national holidays I have to look forward to (apart from one at the beginning of last month), so my timetable is very full on and I don’t really have any time to go on any trips. So, I am trying my best to take some weekend trips around China, I have one next weekend to Beijing, and I might try and go to Xi’an or Shanghai soon as well. 

As I am now in my last 3 months in China, I know it will fly by. Soon I will be packing up all my belongings, saying my farewells to my friends, colleagues and students alike. Doing things for the last time like seeing the pandas and of course stocking up on skincare products and buying souvenirs for friends and family. 

I am in two minds about whether or not I want it to go by quickly! I know as soon as I get home, I will miss it, but these days, home is all I can think about! Either way, I am excited to see what the next 83 days bring me!

B x  

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