Saturday, July 20, 2019


Back with another food update! It’s been a while (almost 3 months) since I wrote a small post in regard to how I have been managing eating food since moving to Asia. On the whole, it has been a great positive change. My eating habits have improved tenfold as I have been experimenting with different flavours, and surprisingly enjoying it too. 

Besides the language, the food is probably the next biggest difference between the U.K. and China. The Sichuan cuisine in particular (Sichuan being the province Chengdu is located in) is incredibly spicy! And as many of you may be aware after reading these types of posts on my blog, I am a very fussy eater! I am so happy that I have stepped outside my comfort zone with food, because I have found the most delicious dishes here in Chengdu. 

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have just returned from a summer camp in the Chinese countryside. Every day on this camp, I ate traditional Chinese dishes. They always contain rice (which has a very different taste and texture to western rice), meat (this is normally chicken/pork/beef) and of course a wide variety of fried or boiled vegetables, not forgetting a generous amount of spices on top. This is normally accompanied with a vegetable and meat soup. I have very quickly become accustomed to eating these spices; therefore, I enjoy the cuisine here very much! 

It is so interesting to even see the differences between restaurants in the east and west. Here in China, it is normal for you to select raw meat, fish and vegetables from a fridge, and then you are brought a small cooking pot. At your table there will be an electric hob per person (as pictured above), from which you can use to cook the food you have selected. You simply boil it all in front of you; you are in control of the whole experience! 

It can be very easy for anyone here to fall into the trap of only eating western food in fast-food restaurants. I am guilty of doing this when I first arrived here, and I certainly look forward to it when I am missing the taste of home!  

The food here is so delicious and it’s keeping me very healthy and cultured. My palate is experiencing one of the best cuisines in the world, and I love it! 

Here’s to many more tasteful journeys with Chinese food!  

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  1. Ooh wow! China has been on my list of places I want to visit ever since I first heard of Great Wall. :) Last year I got a bit of taste of Chinese cuisine in Taiwan and I was pleasently surprised, because I really don't like Chinese restaurants in Slovenia. Hope to read more about your food tour in China. :)

    Janja |

    1. I would highly recommend coming to China! I really have had the time of my life so far, not just with the food, but with the culture, history, language, and sites. It's so different to anywhere in the Western world! The food here is very different to Western Chinese food - it's more authentic and has a greater variety of flavours! I hope you get to try it one day!

  2. The food sounds delicious. I am a fan of Chinese food but have only had the cuisine available here in the UK which I've heard is nowhere near authentic! The food you've described sounds so healthy and fresh.

    1. Yes the Chinese food here and in the UK are very different - have found barely any similarities between the two! And the great thing is, the food is different in each province here in China; where I live, it's more of a spicy cuisine!


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