Thursday, July 11, 2019


As my blog has been growing at quite a rapid rate since I came to China, I have been wanting to expand it little by little. And because of this, I have decided to add a new category to my blog. This category will be a place where I can display my photos from trips and excursions I go on (for example my upcoming trips to Bali and Thailand)! I already include a couple of photos per post, but I will use the posts for this new category as a place to exhibit more photos with a lot less text. Thus, it will become more interesting for more people. I do use both my Instagram accounts to upload my photos of travelling (my accounts are linked here and here), but I do realise some of my readers do not have access to Instagram, so this new category will be a substitute for that. 

I always hope that my blog can be a space where anyone can come to and enjoy all my content. I am trying to make it a place where there is something for everyone; from mental health chats, to more exciting posts about travelling and food and also some skincare and makeup posts. So, sit back and enjoy this post of my trip to 乐山 (Leshan) to see the 大佛(Giant Buddha) from yesterday….

I had a wonderful day in Leshan, despite being burnt by the sun and bitten by mosquitos! Taking the high-speed train for the first time was also an experience I definitely wanted to have while being China.

I am looking forward to making more posts like this for my new photography category, especially from my trips to Bali and Thailand, and some other trips I am trying to plan before I leave China next February! 

B x  


  1. Beautiful! I find photo blog posts do well on mine - good luck and thanks for sharing your adventures through photos!

    1. Really excited to start using this new category, I have some exciting things planned for it! Also I love your blog x

  2. Pictures are worth a thousand words. :) And they're so crucial for travel posts to help blog readers live vicariously through them and inspire them to visit places! Keep up the photography!

    1. I love reading other travel blogs, it gives me such great ideas about where to go next! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post!


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