Thursday, July 18, 2019


In a bid to earn some money over the summer, do some exploring outside of Chengdu and continue teaching in my long break, I decided to join my friend on a summer camp on Huaxi Farm (花溪) in Dujiangyan (都江堰). The week was filled with fun outdoor activities such as archery and hiking, delicious traditional Chinese dishes, and a week stay in my own treehouse (ending with a night in a 5 star hotel in the middle of the mountains)! 

As this post will be placed in my new “Photography” category, I will fill it with pictures from my week away in this beautiful Chinese forest. Enjoy!

Library Treehouse in the middle of camp 

We celebrated someone's birthday during the camp! 

My tree house - called 天空之城 (translated as "Castle in the Sky") 

Wood-work room

One of our many delicious meals!  

We did an archery lesson with the students! 

The waterfall at Huaxi Farm 

The view from my treehouse! 

The Thai and Singaporean students joined us on the last day of camp 

We enjoyed a delicious meal at a luxurious hotel! 

Despite the copious number of strange bugs, constantly being bitten by mosquitos and the relentless rain, it was a perfect week. Tiring and hard work as it was, it was the best way to start my travels this summer! 

Looking forward to the next little adventure!

B x 


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