Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I decided to write this post after one of my friends asked me to on my Instagram story a few days ago. She asked if I would share some advice for someone who may be scared of living far away. So, these are my top tips, things that have got me through the fear of being so far away from home.

1.    People will always help.
No matter where you go in the world, if you find yourself in a sticky situation or desperately need help, locals will always offer their help to you if you ask. I have learnt that since coming here and facing the odd problem or two, the kindness of strangers has always solved any awkward situations I have been confronted with. Locals will more often than not understand and realise that you are in a place far away from home and because of this, are more than happy to help. Whether it be finding directions, or having communication problems, I have found comfort knowing that there is normally a friendly face to talk to. 

2.    Technology is your new best friend!
Although social media and using a phone too much is a bad addiction to have, it is a great connection to home. I would be completely lost without my phone and laptop, as they are my only means to communicating with my family and friends who are over 5,000 miles away. It is beyond comforting to know that my dad’s voice or my sister’s face are one click away on my phone. If I ever feel scared of being so far away from home, I remember that it is always closer than I think. 

3.    Remember why you left home.
Whenever I am feeling nervous or out of my depth, I try to remember that it was my decision to come here, no one forced me. I take a minute to remind myself that I came here to teach and travel, to make wonderful memories. As soon as I start to realise all the amazing memories I have made so far, the fear of being here quickly subsides. 

4.    Remember what you are doing is amazing!
If you have moved away from home to a different country, near or far, for any period of time, try not to forget that you should be so proud of yourself for making this huge commitment. It has taken you away from everything you know as well as forcing you to try new things all the time! Not everyone has the ability (or maybe the means) to make this choice. I often forget how proud of myself I should be for coping so well in the 4 months I have lived here! 

5.    You can always go home.
This is always an option no matter where you go. You have made the voluntary decision to leave home, and likewise, you can go back on this decision and return home. When I first arrived here, I felt very uncomfortable and really wanted to go home. On a couple of occasions, I was looking at flights back to Heathrow! The thought of wanting to come home so soon after arriving made me feel like I would be a failure. However, this is just not the case! If you feel out of your depth or generally uncomfortable with where you are, the simple solution is to go home, or you may find that you give yourself a lot of misery staying in said uncomfortable situation. You will not be seen as a failure, nor should you feel like one! Every decision you make is up to you, and you alone. 

6.    Distract yourself.
Often, when I feel homesick, scared, or a bit fed up, I use any means necessary to distract myself from those negative feelings. Getting out of my apartment and going on a bike ride somewhere normally does the trick. Similarly, just watching a Netflix show, or practicing my Chinese makes me forget the feeling of being so far away from home. Works every time!

Of course, these tips may not work for anyone else, but they have been helpful in reminding myself that this year away is all about facing my fears. I have had a wonderful time so far, and I intend to make the rest of my time here just as great! 

B x 


  1. Moving away from home was so scary for me especially the first year but I started to get to know my environment and people and it got easier with time.

    1. Yes, it's been hard for me too! Getting used to a new environment has been hard, but definitely used to it now!

  2. This is such an amazing blog post. Moving away is scary, but it's so rewarding! And yes, you can always go home. I was so scared to move away when I went to college but I am so happy I did it.

    Melissa | Rosy Melissa

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post! It's been scary to be away from home but incredibly rewarding too!


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