Friday, February 1, 2019


A lot comes with a big move like the one I am embarking on in little over a week! As well as moving over 5,000 miles away to the other side of the world, I am starting a new job and moving into a new apartment. Even on their own, all of these transitions are daunting and will be very stressful. Over the last few weeks I have been trying to do all I can to prepare for these big moves and I thought I may as well share some of these ideas with you all!

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Making lists! 
The organisation of a trip this big has come down to one essential tip; make lists! I must have made over 50 lists in the past 5 months, but all of them have made me super productive and meet all of my deadlines. I cannot stress how helpful they can be. Without them I wouldn’t be half as organised as I am now! 

Documenting my time away!
Recording memories has always been very important to me. Whenever I am bored, stressed or anxious, I love taking a trip down memory lane through my camera roll. I will be documenting as much as I can when I go abroad! I love taking photos and sharing them with my friends and family. Keep an eye out on my Instagram as it will be chocka block with photos from China! As well as this, I have made a new Instagram account where I will be sharing many more photos just so I don’t clog up my personal Instagram too much (I will post a link to this later on when it is all set up). I also plan on making a few video montages of my travels and uploading them to my Facebook/Twitter (if these files are too large, I will set up a YouTube channel and upload them on there)! Be prepared for many photos and videos! 

Asking questions. 
Whether you are studying or working abroad, making sure you know all the details of your trip is key. I have sent countless emails to the company employing me asking questions about everything under the sun – no question is too silly or insignificant, especially when it comes to a trip this big and important! Because of my many queries being answered, I feel incredibly prepared and feel as though I will have little trouble when I get to China!

Making time for friends and family. 
I have never been away from home for too long. Even during uni, I would often return home for a weekend to catch up with old friends and my family. It will be significantly harder to pop home when I am over 5,000 miles away! As such I have been spending a lot of quality time with my sisters, parents, and friends. It’s making me realise that I tend to take these people for granted a lot of the time, and I know I will soon miss them like hell! But I am glad that I have spent so much time with them before I go. 

Prepare for the culture shock.
This more so applies to people travelling further away, like myself. Chinese culture and the lifestyle are very different to what we may experience here in the U.K. As well as an obvious language barrier, laws are different, as are festivals and many traditions. I am very excited to immerse myself into all of this, but I realise that I may start to feel quite homesick and maybe quite lonely. These feelings are completely normal! I plan to overcome these feelings by interacting with as many people as I can and being open to any and all changes! I may write a blog post on how I will be coping with this.    

Following these suggestions has made preparing for this trip a lot more hassle free, which in turn has toned down my anxiety. I feel like for the first time in weeks I can finally look forward to this trip! Starting to get to that stage where I cannot express my excitement! 

Who would have thought that Bobbi, a fragile and anxious little soul would be jetting off to the other side of the world very soon? Not me!

Thank you for reading!

B x 


  1. Such a well written post darlin, thanks for sharing 💖

    1. Thank you lovely! Loving your blog too! ��

  2. This is so exciting! Good luck with your move!

    1. Thank you darling! I will give your blog a look!

  3. good luck with your move, that's so exciting, I hope you enjoy it x

    1. Thank you - getting very excited and scared about the whole thing!


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