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This week’s blog post is about one of my favourite cities that I had the opportunity to travel to last year – Rome. It should come as no surprise that because I am a Classicist, I have a deep interest and fascination in the history of Rome surrounding many of the ancient archaeology that remains today. And it was me choosing to study the ‘City of Rome’ module last year that allowed me to go on this trip. 

Ever since picking Classics as a GCSE at the age of 15, I have always wanted to see the Colosseum, one of the most iconic and recognisable landmarks from antiquity. I wrote countless essays on the history of this landmark and the more I wrote and researched about it, the keener I was to see it one day. 

On the 28th October last year, I made the trip from London Heathrow to the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport in Rome. Because this was an educational trip and part of my degree, we started our sight-seeing as soon as we got to the city centre which made for a packed and busy day! 

The rest of the trip was much like the first day, full of visiting ancient ruins. I won’t go into too much detail about what I saw as I don’t want this post to be too long. But I will give a few of my recommendations below!

Obviously, I would recommend visiting the Colosseum and Roman Forum. They are virtually right next to each other and very affordable to see. On our second day in Rome, we went to the remains of Nero’s Golden House. Although not much of it still exists today and most of it is underground, the VR experience that is offered on the tour is amazing! It shows a full reconstruction of what certain rooms in Nero’s house would have looked like – I highly recommend seeing this! Nearing the end of our trip, we went to Ostia Antica, the ancient port city of Rome. The ruins here were fascinating, filled with houses and shops with remains of intricate mosaics. This city also had a theatre which is in incredibly good condition. 

If you are someone who isn’t particularly interested in history or ancient ruins, then don’t let that stop you from visiting the city. It’s got a great shopping district with cute cafes around every corner. And of course, there is no shortage of pizzerias and gelaterias! Additionally, if you are a makeup lover like me, there are a few Sephoras to spend all your money in!

Rome is definitely a city I am going to be visiting again, hopefully soon! I’d love to take my family around the city to show them its fascinating history! But I hope I have interested some of you reading this blog post and please drop me a message if you would like more ideas of what to see in Rome!


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