Sunday, August 5, 2018


Hi all! 

This is another short blog post on something I have been up to recently!  Last week I got back from 6 days in Barcelona. It was an amazing few days sight-seeing, accompanied with trying the delicious food in Spain’s tropical temperatures with my family. Despite being a welcome change of scenery, it was a relatively stress/anxiety free trip. 

When I have gone on holidays in the past, they have been riddled with panic attacks and severe anxiety – this is also not helped by the fact that I have had a morbid fear of flying! The panic attacks tend to start in the airport before we have even taken off and continue to pester me almost every day we are on the holiday. Because of this, I haven’t really enjoyed holidays all that much in the past and have hidden my dread for them from everyone else. However, in the last 12 months, I have definitely overcome this!

Many of you may have seen from my Instagram and Facebook, I have been to a few places since last October. I have found that to overcome my fear of flying and discomfort of being in an unfamiliar environment, I need to get used to it. And it is because of this that I have been taking every opportunity I can to travel to new places. Sure enough, with every trip I have been on, my anxiety has decreased significantly! Like any other person, I now cannot contain my excitement when I have a holiday coming up. 

This was no different for my trip to Barcelona. What would have made me wildly uncomfortable this time last year, was an amazing trip! Not a panic attack in sight and its making me really look forward to the next trip I go on! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you are all enjoying your holidays! 

B x 


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