Hello all! Thanks for stopping by. 🥰 My name is Roberta (but everyone calls me Bobbi) and this is my travel, mental health, wedding, food.. everything blog!

About me
I am a 24 year old Ancient History graduate from London embarking on a career in teaching. I started this blog in August 2018 with an urge to share my mental health experiences. I find it very therapeutic and relaxing to read other people's journeys with mental health issues, so I have taken inspiration from them and started my own space. I love writing posts about the difficulties I have overcome and the challenges I still face, and the thought of potentially helping others with this blog makes me all the more happy to share how I feel. Since 2018, my blog has grown and now I write about a whole range of things! 

My blog
I returned from China in January 2020 after living and teaching English there for a year. Because of this, most of the posts on my blog have been based and influenced on my travels and experiences in China. 

My original 2020 goal when I returned home was to travel to a new country every month, but with everyone in the U.K. currently in lockdown, this is obviously not possible! I will keep my blog as light-hearted as possible, with posts on previous travels, skincare, how my anxiety is being effected by it all and anything else that pops to mind so stick around if this interests you.

Please feel free to drop me a message to any of my social media accounts linked to the right if you want me to write about something specific or if you need a friendly face to talk to!

(There are no ads or affiliate links on my blog as I just want this to be a space for my blog to grow - if I decide to change this, I will disclaim it).

(Also, just as a disclaimer, all photos on this blog are mine)

Thank you!


B x


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