Sunday, October 18, 2020


I will start this blog post by being open and honest. Peter and I are obviously very new to the wedding-planning scene. Aside from the obvious whirlwind of emotions we have both been feeling since our engagement, we have become overwhelmed with the immense task that lies before us: planning a wedding in our early 20s during a global pandemic, while one of us embarks on teacher training and the other, completes a PhD. We do love a challenge! We thought we would use my blog as a platform to share our difficulties, triumphs and tribulations we may face in the coming months while we organise our first day as husband and wife. 

Although Peter and I are pretty confident our wedding won’t be affected by Covid-19 (touch wood!), it’s still quite unnerving not knowing what the future holds in terms of wedding planning. I think all of us, no matter what we are doing or planning, are longing for the day when the pandemic is a far-off memory. Having restrictions in place EVERYWHERE has made the thought of planning things and booking appointments stressful and uncertain. It has prolonged an already very arduous and lengthy process. Having said all this, it’s still exciting and we are enjoying every minute of it! 

When we started brainstorming what kind of day we wanted, we found ourselves saying, “Where do we start?!” Believe me when I say, A LOT comes with planning a wedding! Because all of this is new to us, we have been doing all the research we can and enlisting the help of a new wedding planner book, wedding apps, and online blogs. It would be amazing if we had a friend who has also recently got engaged and is planning a wedding right now, but alas, we do not! 


We have been engaged for 5 weeks now, but that hasn’t stopped our planning or hindered our excitement and enthusiasm. We have made many decisions. We have a rough idea of a date, we’re confident in the style of wedding venue we want and have booked to see 7 venues (we saw two yesterday). My wedding ring has been purchased and I’ll be buying Peter’s very soon! We’ve designed our invites and cake, looked into caterers and photographers. And of course, I have been drooling over some dress designs. At this stage, there isn’t anything we haven’t thought of. Feeling organised and on top of everything!  

A sneak peak of one of the venues we saw yesterday! 


We are taking it as a blessing that we got engaged during the pandemic and not just before it. Imagine THE STRESS of having to cancel a wedding. No thank you! In a way, the pandemic and the panic of the wedding industry has made us more wary about paying close attention to contracts we will be signing. Getting wedding insurance is at the top of our list of things to shop for. What we have taken away from the struggles of those who have had to cancel their big day is to make sure everything is covered, and to take our time with planning. We will not be rushing in any way; we want to enjoy planning this day for as long as we want! Isn’t that the fun of being engaged?!


Peter and I consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we can go ahead with wedding planning with some sense of normality. Attending our first and second venue viewings yesterday was so much fun! We were commended for how prepared we were, browsing for venues only 5 weeks after getting engaged! 


Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s blog post; an update on venue hunting. Also, for those of you who want a deeper insight into how our wedding planning is going, feel free to take a look at my Instagram page linked here.

How beautiful does my engagement ring look?!?

We can’t wait to document each stage of this journey. Being the first out of our friends to be engaged, I would also hope that this section of my blog can act as a guide when our friends plan to get hitched! 


And a quick thanks to all the people who sent us cards and kind words of congratulations since our engagement! 


B x  


P.S. ANOTHER massive thank you for views on my blog! I’m now at 70,000! 



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