Sunday, March 8, 2020


1,114 days have passed since I had my last panic attack back in 2017 and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! Since then, I have completed my time at university, got my degree and graduated, had various jobs, moved to China and back, survived being in a long-distance relationship for a year, travelled to places across Europe and Asia, and moved house 4 times! GO ME! 

I wanted to write a short post reflecting on this amazing achievement and thanking a few people who have helped me come this far. It has not been easy, but it’s getting easier. I still have high levels of anxiety at times, which can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it just comes out of nowhere. Having said that, I managed A WHOLE YEAR in China teaching and travelling with no panic attacks and relatively low levels of anxiety, which I am so chuffed with. (Also for anyone interested, my one-year and two-year panic free posts are linked here).

Since I have moved back to London, I have slowly been getting back into my usual routine, applying for jobs (I start working my new job soon!) now that I am back and starting to look at moving into the third house with my boyfriend. It has been slightly unsettling making the transition from China to England, but I am feeling a lot more comfortable now that I am home and am incredibly happy that this move didn’t cause any more anxiety! 

Having significantly less anxiety (and a much lower chance of having any panic attacks) has made my life so much easier. I don’t have any problems with eating (at home or in a restaurant), sleeping, working or socialising. I have a much more positive outlook on everything I do, big or small; from thinking about and trying to plan my career, to meeting up with friends (something I am trying to make more of an effort with this year and something I used to struggle with when my anxiety was at its peak). 

As always it is so wonderful to have this space to share my feelings and progress. My blog reaches a wide audience around the world, and I always receive nothing but kind and supportive messages from friends, fellow bloggers and even complete strangers. I started this blog as a “mental health” blog, where I would update readers on my struggles and/or progress every week, but now I am finding myself doing that less and less; this space has certainly served its purpose! 

I probably won’t be doing huge updates for this section of my blog on a regular basis. I am definitely seeing “the light at the end of the tunnel” and don’t want to be repeating myself every time I talk about this. So, for the meantime, thank you to everyone who has helped me in any way, it means so much. 

And in terms of my blog, from now on I will be posting every other weekend, writing about anything I fancy really. I may have another post coming at the end of this month and 4 fun travel posts every weekend of next month. If what I have posted on this blog has interested you so far, stick around!


B x 


  1. Congratulations - your hard work has paid off. I'm so happy for you! :)

  2. Congrats! Sounds like you've achieved a lot in that time and you've got a lot to look forward to.

    1. Thanks for reading my post, I'm certainly feeling a lot more optimistic about the future!


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