Friday, November 29, 2019


Today is mine and Peter’s 4-year anniversary so I thought it would nice to write a little piece reflecting on how the last few months have been since we wrote out last post about our long-distance relationship in April. Since then, we have seen each other on two separate occasions (when I came home in May to collect my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and when I came in August from Bangkok with my sister). It is now also almost 10 months since we started our long-distance relationship. 

The link to part one of this post is here. In the previous update, Peter and I both wrote snippets, this post will be the same. Enjoy! 

Bobbi – It’s been hard. Since September, I have taken on more teaching responsibilities, working in training centres and providing extra-tuition lessons in a bid to earn more money and gain more experience. Peter has also become a lot busier, having to balance a Master’s degree at University, a part-time job and PhD applications, even his free time is filled with work. As such, we don’t have a huge amount of time to talk to one another. The 8-hour time difference is a pain because just as I am finishing my lunch break at work, Peter is waking up to start his day and unfortunately, we just miss each other and cannot talk then. We try our best to call every day, even if it’s only for 20 minutes or so. 

As I have mentioned before, this time of year is always filled with celebrations, most of them with Peter. Our birthdays, anniversary, Christmas and New Years are things that we look forward to celebrating together each year, so it is strange that we cannot be together right now. But we are managing to get through each day knowing that we are getting so close to my return home. With only 2 months of my time left here in China, the weeks are flying by and our reunion is getting closer and closer! 

Peter – Stress, stress, stress. That’s my life at the moment. Bobbi has mentioned all of my stress points already, so I won’t go over them too much, but I am finding it so hard to concentrate on anything in particular. In a way, I’m very lucky. I miss Bobbi very much, and if I had any time to stop and think about it a lot, I’d feel that pain a lot more! Luckily, as I’m writing I have a book next to me open for an essay! I wish I could talk to Bobbi more, but it’s the cards I have and I’m just going to play them. I feel sorry for her really, when she gets back, she will have to deal with my existential dread in person, woo!

After January it should be a lot calmer, I hope. Still, we’re doing so much better than I thought we would be. I thought both of us would be upset 24/7 all year, but we’re distracting ourselves (with the pain of constant University and work on my end) and getting on with it. I am looking forward to our big celebration meal in February and seeing Bobbi when she lands at the airport! 

Happy 4-year anniversary to us! 

Only 64 days to go! 

B & P xx 

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