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With my trip to Buckingham Palace fast approaching, over the last few weeks I have been focusing on improving the condition of my skin and trying new products. Before arriving in China I had quite a rigorous skincare routine, using different serums, creams and face masks to clear the imperfections present. This has done wonders to my skin and is contributing to my ever-growing confidence that allows me to feel more at ease with not wearing makeup. 

Since moving to China almost 3 months ago, my skincare routine has changed quite drastically; a lot of the products I brought from London have now finished which has forced me to start using Chinese skincare products. Since starting a new routine, my skin is getting better and better to the point where it is very noticeable to friends. It’s boosting my confidence so much that I even uploaded a photo on my Instagram without me wearing makeup - a very rare occurrence for me! I thought for this blog post, I would share what I have been using since I came to Chengdu. My previous skincare post got almost 200 views which surprised me a lot. Seeing as it interested so many, I thought I would write this one in the hope that it will do the same. Enjoy! 

My busy schedule and full working week do not allow a lot of time to wear makeup every day. However, on days where I decide to make a little more effort with my face, I have been using new makeup wipes to remove the products that I have been wearing. These wipes shown below have been great at not only removing makeup with just one wipe, but also leaving my skin refreshed and fragrant. The charcoal wipes especially have been helping to remove the dirt in my pores. 

Camellia and Charcoal Face wipes - ¥10 each (£1.13 each)

In addition to these charcoal face wipes, I have found a great replacement for my “Garnier anti-blackhead peel off mask”; the “Deep cleansing peel-off facial mask.” This does an amazing job at emptying my pores and I only use this around 2/3 times a week. 

Deep cleansing peel-off mask facial mask - ¥15 (£1.69)

Sheet masks are not products I have used a lot in the past, but because they are so cheap here and there are a massive variety of them, I have been using them on a regular basis. I have used sheet masks that brighten, moisturise, hydrate and repair my face. They all have very natural ingredients (like cucumber, aloe vera, fruit and vegetables) meaning that I can use them as often as I wish. I tend to pop one on after a long or stressful day, or if the weather has been very harsh on my skin.

"Kakao Friends" Cactus Hydrating and Repairing Facial Mask - ¥15 for 2 (£1.69 for 2)

Higher-end facial masks - ¥9 each (£1.02 each)

  "Kakao Friends" Peach Blossom Hydrating and Brightening Facial Mask - ¥15 for 2 (£1.69 for 2)

I have struggled finding a replacement for my BiorĂ© Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser, so I purchased the “Natto Face Washing Cream”. Out of all the products I have bought, this one is probably one I will not be purchasing again! Despite doing a good job at keeping blemishes at bay, it leaves a strange feeling on my skin that I do not like. The “Hydration Boosting Moisturising Lotion” however, is fab. I use it every morning and I believe it is the main reason my skin is looking so good!

  Hydration Boosting Moisturising Lotion (pictured on the left)  - ¥29.90 (£3.38)
Natto Face Washing Cream (pictured on the right) - ¥95 (£10.73)

These last 3 products are very new additions. From what I have used of them so far, I have high hopes that they too will do wonders to my skin. I may do an updated post in a few weeks/months on how I have been getting on with them. For the time being, I will post the photos, names and prices of them here.

Clear Facial Cleanser (pictured on the left) - ¥19.90 (£2.24)
Rose Hydration Cleanser (center) - ¥15 (£1.69)
Aloe Soothing Facial Mist (pictured on the right) - ¥10 (£1.13)

Other new techniques I have been using to clear my skin have been going for facials. My friend introduced me to a place near where she works that offers very cheap facial sessions. I have paid ¥38 (£4.29) for 4 facial sessions (I have only had 2 so far). I can’t think of anywhere in London that would offer such professional facial care for such a low price (thank you China)! The sessions last an hour each and my skin is cleaned very thoroughly with products such as aloe vera. A few days ago, I had all my pores cleaned out as well. Very relaxing too! (You can see how much I am enjoying the face mask from the cover photo)! Additionally, I have found that exfoliating my face once a week is the best thing my face needs at times! I normally use an eyebrow razor for this! Simple but effective. 

However, since coming here, I have realised that I do not need to use all these products all the time. Sometimes I find it is the little things that make a difference. For instance, going through long periods of time without wearing makeup leaves my face feeling much clearer and break-outs are a lot less frequent. The hot weather and sun have also meant that I have been drinking more water than usual and I have obviously had exposure to more Vitamin D than I would at this time of the year in London.  

My last post on my go-to skincare products is linked here if anyone would like to see how much my routine has changed! This was a long post, but I have been testing these products for weeks as I wanted to branch out and write new and different things on my blog again! I hope this was of interest to someone. If anyone is in China or near me and has recommendations, I would love to hear them! 

Here’s to happy and healthy skin!

B x 


  1. I'm definitely all for better skin care and on a budget! Have you considered doing some DIY cleaners and toners with essential oils? I recently started and let me tell you it's amazing!!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading my post lovely (sorry about the late reply)! I haven't actually considered that but now you mention it, that sounds really interesting - I will definitely look into it! x

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