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Hey everyone, 

For those of you reading my blog who have anxiety, or any mental health issues for that matter, this one is for you. On a daily basis, I find myself thinking about my anxiety and how my life over the last few years has changed because of it. There is no denying that my panic attacks or episodes of anxiety and paranoia over the years have stopped me from doing fun things, affected my physical health and generally just been a massive pain in the back side. For years, I have wished my anxiety away, just to have a week without having that annoying voice in the back of my head would be heavenly. But that got me thinking, there have been a few positives to my anxiety and what it has taught me. So, this is me, trying to take a positive from a negative!

1.    Being more cautious:
Anxiety has made me take into consideration all possible outcomes of any given scenario. As such, when arranging a day out or planning an important trip, my anxiety has got me into the habit of being prepared and organised for anything that I am faced with – something that has definitely been a huge benefit to me, especially transitioning from a teenager to an adult.

2.    Analysing things in more depth:
Quite similar to the previous point. My anxiety has always made me overthink every scenario in my head in a lot of detail, but I have found that this practice has come in handy over the years. Obviously analysing is a wonderful and vital skill to have at school, uni and in most jobs. It’s helped me have a greater attention to detail when completing any kind of practical and demanding task I might face day to day.

3.    Appreciating those around me:
What my anxiety has taught me is that my friends and family are so valuable and precious to me and that they always have my best interests at heart. Sharing my mental health problems has made me realise that I am always surrounded by people who love and support me! I know that I am never alone and no matter how stressful and hard life can be, I always have people to turn to who can lift me up!

4.    Helping others with mental health issues:
There is no doubt, that without my anxiety I would have less of an understanding and appreciation for those who also have anxiety and other mental health problems. Because of my anxiety, I can help others who come to me for support and share my advice on how to remain calm and keep a positive outlook in mind. It also makes me part of a community of people, young and old alike, who always look out for each other. I am so grateful to be a part of this!  

Throughout this post, I have used the phrases “mental health problems/issues.” I don’t like using these words because they imply that whoever deals with them are a “problem” or even a burden. This is simply not the case. They are resilient, strong, brave and capable of accomplishing so much. They should be so proud of everything they have achieved. Even if the only thing you can do is get out of bed in the morning, you are showing your anxiety, depression etc. that it is not in control and does not define your character.

I have developed such a thick skin over the years because of my anxiety, and for that I am thankful. My anxiety has become part of my personality and I used to hate that. I am slowly but surely starting to accept the fact that my anxiety will probably be with me for the long run, but that’s okay. I feel like in some ways I am a better person because of it. I’m not saying that anxiety is the most wonderful thing to have at all, of course there are times when it’s terrible. But I am sick of always thinking about my anxiety in a negative way. It’s time to have a more positive outlook on it! 

B x

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