Sunday, September 2, 2018


Hello everyone, 

Today’s blog post is a bit more of a personal one. It’s about something that has been on my mind a lot over the recent months and I feel as though it is important for me to address it and get it off my chest; it is my weight and my size. 

My ever-decreasing weight and size have been affecting me for a while now. To be honest, to begin with, I didn’t even notice it until it was pointed out by a friend after she hadn’t seen me for a while. I have never been one to regularly check my weight because I have never weighed that much (this is down to my fast metabolism), but after weighing myself a few times over the last several months, I can understand the worry of my friends and family. I have decreased in weight significantly, and while I am by no means anorexic, I am visibly a lot skinnier and even weigh less than my 14-year-old sister. It’s starting to worry myself now.

The frustration, however, arises when I go to buy clothes. I have tried to hide this annoyance for so long out of the fear that people will think I am seeking attention but finding clothes that fit me is a nightmare! Especially seeing as so many shops nowadays do not sell clothes below a size 6. Shopping for clothes now fills me with dread and after traipsing around shopping centres for hours only to find a few tops, I am just left with a feeling of disappointment. It really effects my self-confidence not being able to find clothes that flatter my body shape and thus I find myself re-wearing the same clothes over and over again and ultimately not being happy with the way I look.

It is true to say that I have a problem with my small size and I am struggling to gain weight. My up and down eating habits have not really helped this situation either! (I will put up a blog post about this very soon). But I am trying to change the attitude I have towards my body and hopefully one day soon I will be a lot happier with the way I look!  

As always, the growing confidence I have gained recently has been from my friends and family. They never fail to help me feel beautiful no matter what I look like. And this has made me realise that I do not need to be a certain size to be happy. As cheesy as it sounds everyone is beautiful in their own way and should feel confident in their own skin! 

Stay positive everyone! 

B x


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