Sunday, August 19, 2018


Hey guys! 

Seeing as many of my friends, including myself, have finished their degrees and have graduated university, I thought it would be fitting to write a blog post about it, just so we can all reflect on our amazing achievements! 

In 2015, I decided Royal Holloway was the place I wanted to study Classics. After applying to it twice (putting it down as my firm and insurance choice), I was delighted to find out that I got the grades to be accepted. Living by myself, meeting new people and learning more about my chosen subject made me so excited that I was completely oblivious to the struggles I might face at university; dealing with my anxiety.

My first year and first half of second year were riddled with panic attacks. Being somewhere new, mixed with the huge amount of responsibilities I took on did not go well together, and as such resulted in my mental health deteriorating significantly. I realised that in order to overcome them, I needed to find new techniques to control them, I needed to tell someone.       

And so, after meeting Peter and getting very close with him, I told him all about my anxiety. All fears of being pushed away or judged were put at ease by him and I had a new friend (and later boyfriend) to confide in. Having him to talk to these last three years has been such a comfort and I cannot thank him enough for all he has done for me (you’re awesome Pete)! 

I have loved every minute of my university experience. I have become a much stronger person, I am certainly more confident, and obviously, have a much better understanding of the subject I love. I would not change my time at university for the world! 

Of course, I am not the only person who has had to go through university whilst having to battle their own personal health problems, be that mental or physical. All of the people I know who have just finished university (or will be soon) whilst coping with these problems have shown such great perseverance. They are the strongest people I know and seeing them finish a tough three years of university fills me with pride.  

To my friends who have graduated university (or will be in the next couple of years), congratulations, you did it! To my friends studying medicine, you are half way there and I am so proud of you. And to those of you who are yet to come to university, enjoy three years studying a subject that you love and grab every opportunity that comes your way. 

Thank you all for reading. Here’s to the class of 2018! <3 

B x



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